OIL, GAS, and Inflation

Our political issues today are not just an American problem.  A drastic conversion is taking place all over the world all at once. The direction is supplied by the inventor of globalism and the concept of one world government, Claus Schwab Director of the World Economic Forum.  It’s a group of most of the world’s richest people and as many as 500+ large international corporations all of whom meet annually to discuss their ideas on how they can best rule the world. Their meetings are becoming more secretive and attendance is extrememly limited to members and supporters.

Their website is not hiding much but it is worded in such a way that you have to read between the lines and really think about what they are saying. The most intimidating thought is that they have been working toward their goal of world control for 70 years. The communist Chinese have been trying to dominate the United States for 100 years. In recorded conversations Clause Schwab has said in no uncertain term that there are many countries in the world that would benefit from the Chinese model of government. Unfortunately for us there are too many Democrats that agree.

Most are confident that a single US political party could never succeed in converting our republic to a drastically different system of socialism or communism. However with the cooperation of multiple other countries, the WEF and the Chinese pandemic anything is frighteningly possible.  The constitution, the bill of rights, the Supreme Court provide strong protections against a change as drastic as what’s happening as we speak, but will they endure through the battles to come or not. No one knows at this point, and the doubt exists due to the horribly ill-informed public.  If a mass awakening occurs it will be because the people will suddenly realize they have had enough of the Democrat caused acts that make absolutely no sense to the man on the street. They are getting no detailed explanation from the mass media, but when the pain becomes too great to bear, they will awaken before it’s too late. The following events began the day after Biden’s inauguration with an immediate attack on our vital energy system using a big stack of executive orders:

The first one cancelled the license to build the XL pipeline which Canada was building to give them an easily accessible route the Gulf of Mexico. It was Biden’s first act of many whose intent is to Destroy America’s Oil and Gas Industry. The stated reasoning is to implement the leftist radical’s Green New Deal supposedly to preserve the environment and reduce global warming. Ironically his first executive order was the most damaging to not only our future supply of energy but 11,000 jobs were sacrificed as a result of what was thought to be an extremelyi foolish act on the part of an already compromised president.  He knows, and his handlers, know that energy is the driving force and enabler of a growing and thriving economy. To complicate matters, the administration has adopted a slow motion policy of stalling the approval of  new drilling. At this time new wells are too risky and aren’t worth the expense without knowing the long term viability.

Welcome to instant inflation. Cutting oil production and causing a contrived shortage is designed to increase gasoline prices at the pump and encourage drivers to buy $60,000 electric cars. This is still a foreign concept to Americans, while the volume of EV cars is growing it is not having a dramatic impact on the vast total number of cars on the road. Accessibility to charging stations is a problem in addition to the halt on car charging in California due to an over stretched power grid late in the summer of 2022.

Oil supplies and the limited refining capacity started the inflationary trend but what got it boiling is the $4 Trillion dollars’ worth of spending legislation passed by the Democrat house and Senate. The American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure bill, the $1.5T 2022 budget, Chips and Science act and the ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Act all shot up the deficit and the national debt, and kept the ball rolling toward what could become a truly horrendous financial crisis. The $1.7 Trillion Omnibus package passed with 4700 pages and a day or so to read it had to be passed by the Democrats just prior to their losing the majority in the House. The energy issue and the enormous amount of government spending is the main causes of inflation. Too much money chasing too few goods guarantees inflation.

One might call it comical but to (appear) to reduce inflation Biden drained the Strategic Oil Storage facility which is only to be used in an emergency Selling much of it below market to China. We are now vulnerable in case of weather problems and a possible war. As another laughable solution Biden issued a special authorization to Chevron to go back to a previously abandoned project in Venezuela to help them retrieve heavy oil and ship some to the US.

Reducing the supply of anything has an immediate effect on raising the price. The obvious solution is the one they won’t use and that is to increase the supply by approving more drilling projects. The other solution to fighting inflation is to raise interest rates to make it difficult to borrow to slow down the industrial and consumer demand for goods and services. If the government’s objective is to make everybody poorer they are hitting on all cylinders. Inflation reduces the buying power of money, and raising interest rates increases the cost of money. It’s a delicate balancing act, and if overdone, a recession will result. That would cause a drastic reduction in the value of investments and real estate providing another way to make the population poorer.

Here’s likely the most ludicrous issue of all when it comes to using climate change to scare us into an autocratic form of government. The US is the most successful country in the world at controlling CO2 gasses that reputedly cause global warming. At most we have admirably controlled all but the final 2% of the world’s polution. Other countries such as China and India haven’t taken the first step. In other words they aren’t even trying.

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