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Election Fraud,

How to win Elections and Stay in Power

Democrats have to solidify their power by winning elections any way they can. Election fraud is the quickest and most effective way to control the outcome of elections. A major attempt was made to pass unconstitutional state election laws favorable to Democrat goals. This would include universal voting by mail, the extensive use of drop boxes (2000 Mules), elimination of voter ID, and same day registration. Anything that contributes to election fraud is encouraged and in 2020 was made possible by our Covid-19 pandemic. They want to achieve their ultimate election objectives legally by passing a bill written by Nancy Pelosi titled the: “For The People Act.”  Look it up H.R.1/S.1, US House.

It provides for the federal takeover of elections, universal mail in voting, and unmanned drop boxes on every corner.  Of course it’s unconstitutional and likely won’t be initiated until Democrats achieve enough power long enough to eliminate elections completely.

Mail in ballots enable several easy to perform but hard to detect traits. It’s easy to insert phony ballots into the stream especially when democrats do the counting. The voter names come from registration databases that are intentionally allowed to be populated with names of dead people, movers, and even ones that have been copied from census files or other data bases. Most states have to be sued to keep their registration files up to date. Furthermore, when Democrats operate the election system they can easily avoid signature verification and inspection of paper quality letting any and all ballots be counted.

The 2020 election Democratic support groups including non-government agencies received $400 million from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. This provided money for hiring activists and supporters to work at getting out the vote. It also provided worker training and strengthened the democratic efforts particularly in the six key states. The spending was predominantly in heavy Democrat populated neighborhoods.

Molly Hemingway’s book “Rigged” did an excellent job of describing the united effort made by NGO’s, labor unions, Big tech, the media, and Democratic officials. Wisconsin actually, fraudulently allowed known Democrat support organizations to replace long time employees. The purpose being to manage the actual election process thus insuring the election success of the Democrats. They also became famous for harvesting mail-in ballots from retirement homes and any source they could use to get their hands on ballots under the guise of providing a service for voters. They of course conspired with the management of these homes insuring the availability of as many ballots as possible.

The methods used to produce a fraudulent election are many and complicated. Secrecy is paramount but, with thousands of workers and multimillions of ballots being handled in a minimal amount of time makes it difficult for the perpetrators, however not difficult enough. The workers who spotted suspicious activity produced 5,000 legal affidavits as evidence of fraud. No matter because even though there was plenty of valid evidence available it was impossible to get a court to give it a legitimate hearing.  The republicans attempted to get a hearing on at least 60 cases of fraud and no court would give any case the attention it deserved. The predominate opinion is that the judges were either co-conspirators or afraid for their own safety. There are enough radicals in the judiciary to be a problem as well, being appointed by previous Democrat presidents.

The so called insurrection of the Washington capital building happened because there was an enormous gathering of patriots that came to protest the election. They knew in their hearts it was fraudulent. The government tracked people through their phones and through credit card usage to find all who attended. As the facts dribble out, we know there were at least 250 FBI, CIA, and hired implants to insure that a riot occurred and there would be sufficient action to produce arrests trials and incarceration. The whole effort was produced for theatrical effect, and a great many lives have been ruined for political purposes while the real perpetrators of the illegitimate election go free.  

Mention has to be made of the most effective and hardest to detect method of controlling elections. We now have multiple days and even in some cases weeks to product election results while in the past it used to be accomplished overnight. Previously election systems managers could rely on precincts to do their own counting, but now we depend on electronic machines to do the job. Theoretically it should be faster. Not so, particularly in the swing states where they prefer to wait to see how many votes are needed to insure Democrat victories. A new trick learned in the 2022 midterms in Maricopa County, Arizona. 60% of the machines were purposely  shut down from the opening of the polls until late morning. Supposedly they were malfunctioning. They claimed there was a mix up on ballot paper sizes and they ran out of laser toner needed to print the intermediary ballot document. Voters were told to wait (4+hours), or go to another location. Many had to report to work or other duties and subsequently lost their opportunity to vote. The machines were coincidently located in strong republican neighborhoods.

The machines use built in software algorithms some of which if needed will count votes in fractions to reduce totals for one candidate and add to the totals of another. Those can be activated if needed by remotely located controllers either through the internet or by cellular phone connection. The tabulator computers are built by Dell and the phone services are provided by Verizon.

Our elections/ballots are way too important to trust to hackable machines, untrustworthy election workers, and the US Postal Service.  Two, three, and four weeks of voting is way too long and provides too many opportunities for manipulation of the results. With the flood of illegal immigrants surging over the southern border we should be making an accelerated effort to protect the entire system from undocumented voters. Same day registration should be halted and doubtful voters should be able to prove their citizenship at registration and earn their right to vote.

There is much work to do in this area and it will take Republicans more than the next election to get it done. My driving force behind this blog is to inform or educate people what the Democrats are doing to our country and make sure they know it’s on purpose. They and other world powers have the capacity to overturn our government and make us a third world country. It’s possible that up to 80% of our populace has no idea what’s happening. They are asleep and dwelling in the leftist ideological narrative that fills the airwaves with words but explains nothing.  

The Maricopa County Arizona election case is being relentlessly pursued by Kari Lake who worked very hard to become the Governor of Arizona and has a huge popular support. She is  attractive, energetic, and very talented. She is likely to become the legitimate winner because they have accumulated a preponderance of evidence. Election fraud in Arizona is so common that it is practically done in the open. Hopefully it will be obvious enough to win the legal challenge.

When you watch the two most recent elections, have you ever wondered how certain candidates lose when, by all measures, they are the most qualified for the job? It’s noteworthy that those elections are mostly won by the slightest of margins.

There are many dangers for any country that allows public and private partnerships to exist. When corporations (including the media) partner with government the government forgets who they work for. More on that in later posts.

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