The Big Reveal…..Master List

So many Americans are focused on their devices, sports, and their busy daily lives. They have no time to worry about what’s happening to the economy, to the border, to our rights and freedoms. As a once powerful leader of the Western world, we have become complacent and we take for granted our freedoms and our sense of America as an exceptional country..

Every American has to know the Democrats intend to turn us into socialists, then hand us over to the Chinese or the World Economic Forum. Go to YouTube, and do a search on The Great Reset. Dozens of videos will explain it in detail. They want to completely overturn our traditional form of government into what most would call true Marxist socialism or communism.

Our politicians, talk show hosts, and conservative broadcasters are on the front line of defense. I think most are afraid to make these accusations public. They are obvious, but invisible to those not focused on where to look. Or why they need to look. Here’s the proof. When you add up all the radical leftist events over the last three years, you can see it’s a worldwide problem. Understand what’s happening aren’t accidental goofs made by the oldest President in history. What I am saying won’t be mentioned by our left wing, highly censored, news which the low information voters don’t watch anyway.

The Republican case is so powerful in contrast to what the Democrats are doing, that conservatives could run out of campaign funds and still win elections. It won’t happen until the public “gets it.” They must understand what a travesty Socialism is and understand that the Democrats are taking us there as fast as we let them.

Most importantly they must come to see voting Republican is the only solution and that we alone are committed to the truth. None of us should want our kids or grandkids, to live in a totalitarian country.

The following is a list of events/actions taken by the democrat party to push us into their agenda. I think most people think of these as accidental happenings or goofs enacted by an incompetent President. “They surely aren’t on purpose,” I heard a Democrat say. There’s the first mental hurdle. When you see how many there are by sheer numbers, you see the truth and where it’s leading:

  • The Media, the Government, and big tech formed an evil and corrupt partnership working together they censor and manipulate what we see and hear
  • Used a secret means of paying for and researching gain of function research in Wuhan, China which produced the Corona Virus
  • Used the resulting “Plandemic” to instill fear and train us to be obedient
  • This also destroyed small businesses and excused changes to voting laws Enabling election fraud to unseat our President and obtain left wing power
  • Now they are Destroying our oil and gas industry
  • They opened our entire Southern border and enabled five million illegal immigrants to invade our country
  • Drugs are smuggled by the ton and human trafficking is one of the cartels most profitable operations
  • Using Massive spending to fund their leftist agenda and fuel inflation
  • Promoting transgenderism and drag shows for children 
  • Promoting LGPTSQ+
  • Promoting Critical Race Theory producing oppressors and victums
  • Sexualization of 5 – 7 year olds also called groooming
  • Changing our language to disguise truth and divide people
  • Using ESG ratings to control financing and investment in energy
  • Big tech and big money oligarchs along with the media are directed by the administration control the narrative
  • Outright and obvious lying is supported by tech and media
  • We have a two tiered justice system, 1 for dems and 1 for Trump and all conservatives
  • The DOJ, FBI, and National Security departments are used against non-believers who speak out against the system
  • Destroying religion discouraging church attendance
  • Destroying the family (as a valuable foundation of society)
  • Defunding the police encouraging anarchy and crime in Blue cities
  • Dems support and promote unlimited abortion
  • Student manipulation and brainwashing via education, media, big tech
  • Do everything to restrict free speech, ignoring the constitution
  • Democrat cities refuse to prosecute crime / George Soros
  • The destruction of money and assets
  • Attempt to confiscate guns
  • Arming of all federal agencies to build a national police force
  • Now we see by reveals at Pfizer they are planning more pandemics based on their own (directed evolution). Vaccines are very profitable.

What do you think, are they guiding us toward, The World Economic Forum (a one world government) or would they welcome a Chinese takeover? Even if they keep doing what they’re doing…..we lose.

The best advice I have received is to resist, resist, resist.

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