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This site is a free and open space where we share ideas and a dialog to add to the understanding of what’s happening to us our government and our great country.

If you’re feeling a sense of anxiety, a feeling that something is about to happen and not knowing what it is can be very un-nerving. Having spent the last two solid years paying close attention and watching what’s going on around us gave me the opportunity to digest every Democrat caused event, relate it to the present day, and make some measured conclusions on what the future holds. You won’t like it. I don’t like it. What is happening to us goes against the rights and liberties that have been granted to us for the last 250 years. 

Once you have applied your natural common sense to what you see and hear and what I am going to tell you, together we can stop worrying and protect and preserve the quality of life to which we have grown accustomed.

The big issue that won’t be a surprise to many people is that we have been programmed by the media to accept what they present as news. Those who don’t want to take the time and effort, just accepts what they hear or read in the mass media. Those over 50 had a rude awakening in 1963. Kennedy’s assassination caused a large portion of the population to stop trusting the government. The loss or our very well liked President made skeptics out of many people, particularly since many are arguing over who was ultimately responsible for the crime.

Add to that that most of our younger generation has not been schooled on history, civics, and the principles of government.  They have not been exposed to what makes the United States an exceptional country. In fact over half of the youngest members of society, think socialism is ok and worth a try.

My blog will expose the current administrations attempts to transform America by asking why, why, and why are they doing these things that are bit by bit stealing our freedoms and making us believe we’ll all be better off in the future. Are you better off today than you were in 2019 or 2020. How do you really feel about that? Are you making more money and enjoying it less. Or, has inflation taken some of the fun out of life? Do you feel more secure or has the rising crime rate caused you to install tv doorbells and security systems?

If you are living a typical lifestyle, busy with sports, phones, work, and kids activities you’re probably thinking everything is great and inflation and crime is only a minor annoyance.  Listening to TV news and reading newspapers or social media, one has to think that all is well and a recession or financial crisis is a mile away and there is no reason to worry. Or, if you are like a middle aged family man I know who is mildly aware of what’s happening, he’s confident that this will go away and the pendulum will swing back to the other side eventually. I’m trying to decide what keeps the pendulum swinging. Is the motion automatic, or does it take some kind of human effort to make it stop if going in the wrong direction. It has to reverse course to get back to the other side and what will make that happen.

I think it’s too risky to depend on Mother Nature to protect us. Fortunately we have the world’s best and most effective constitution thanks to our very well educated and wise founders who really had it together back then. They built features into our basic rights and constitutional system to protect against the tyranny of the 1700’s as well as what’s happening today.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are responsible for the fact the US has lasted for practically 250 years. Is now the end, are we tired of being the most successful country in the world? Is it time for a change? I am in complete disagreement with the fools of today who keep saying we want to “build it back better.”

It’s time for those trusting souls who refuse to dig out the truth to wake up and smell the treason. I intend to help you do that if that’s what you need. I fear that I may be preaching to the choir and if that’s the case please forward the link to this blog to everyone you know who hates America and is in serious need of a wake-up call.

Our current problem is that we have too many Democrats in office, and too many people who vote for them. I believe that knowing the truth is the cure and when people are exposed to what’s real they have enough common sense to change their thinking. We’ll see over time. I sense that the media is being forced to come clean on certain issues such as Hunter’s laptop, the energy pricing and shortage, the exposure of Twitters censorship, and what appears to be pure idiotic decision making on the part of our President.

Here’s the first shocking truth. I have kept track if and can explain every Democrat action taken since November 2020. I will review all of them in detail and when you see the complete picture of what’s happening, it becomes obvious that these foolish actions are not accidental, but based on a very purposeful result. Their intent is to take us step by step into a socialist autocracy that I fear most people, who aren’t paying attention, will wake up to only after it’s too late.

The rest of the world does live under various forms of socialism the worst being Venezuela where they are currently eating their pets, to Iran, Russia, and North Korea. It’s notable that no one is rushing to crash the borders of these countries to live there. They are crushing our Southern border at the rate of 2-3,000 illegals per day to live in our country.

As a preface to this document let me say that there are many occurrences described herein that our corrupt media refuses to publicize due to potential harm that they may do to the administration. The criminal corruption of the news industry is a drastic change from their primary job through the many decades of their existence, that being to investigate and report on government corruption wherever it occurs. At present they act in concert with our corrupt administration to hide the truth and to suppress or change the news to support those in power and suppress any positive events of those who are not…..Namely the conservatives.

The point of this whole story is to put all the evidence in one place so you can do a logical computation and arrive at a common sense conclusion.  This is not to replay the news but to compress it and itemize it so you can make your own decisions about what you see as a purposeful drastic corruption occurring to our culture, our society, and our form of government.  Every fact in this document can be verified and is believed to be the honest truth. Don’t let that scare you, there are always differing ways of reporting, analyzing, and thinking about any given subject. You need exposure to them all to maintain your ability to do critical thinking.

Our political issues today are not just an American problem.  A drastic conversion is taking place all over the world all at once. The direction is supplied by the inventor of globalism and the idea of one world government, Claus Schwab Director of the World Economic Forum.  It’s a group of most of the world’s richest people and as many as 1,000 international corporations all of whom meet annually to discuss with each other ideas on how they can rule the world. 

A single US political party could never succeed in converting our republic to a drastically different system of socialism or communism overnight. However with the cooperation of multiple other countries, the WEF and the Chinese pandemic anything is frighteningly possible.  The constitution, the bill of rights, the Supreme Court provide strong protections against a change as drastic as what’s happening as we speak, but will they endure through the battles to come or not. No one knows at this point, and the doubt exists due to the horribly ill-informed public.  If a mass awakening occurs it will be because the people will suddenly realize they have had enough of the Democrat caused acts that make absolutely no sense. Hopefully they will awaken in time for the next election. These events began immediately after Biden’s inauguration with what follows in the next edition.

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