Raising funds is an important part of our efforts.

Founded in 1999, our Collective has had great success raising money to further the cause of freedom. The primary source of this income is from donations given freely to us by generous donors who believe in our activism. Occasionally, we will have an auction. There are many talented artists and craftspeople in our community, and such auctions are an excellent opportunity to aid FUN and simultaneously acquire a one-of-a-kind piece of art. If you are interested in working on our fund raising team, there is ample opportunity as we grow. Simply send us an email with your honest intentions, what time you have available, your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Some of our projects:

  • We arranged for a bus to pick up FUN fans and warriors of peace to go to a peace march in Washington when they wouldn’t have been able to go other wise
  • We helped pay for a woman in our community to pay for a lawyer after her court-appointed lawyer failed to properly defend her in a domestic violence suit
  • We donate money to a micro-loan charity that helps women start their own businesses in poverty stricken communities in Africa.
  • More on the way.